Wiring 12V/24V trolling motor

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Wiring 12V/24V trolling motor

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I have an older Motorguide Pro Series trolling motor that is 12/24V. Has a selector switch on the foot pedal to go between 12v and 24v. It's currently hooked up as 12V only, but the lack of power is really getting on my nerves. I'm pretty sure I understand how to wire it up as 24V, but had a few other questions. First off I used 10AWG wire, a 50amp 12/24V manual breaker, and male/female 3 prong plug to hook it up. Will all of this suffice when jumping to 24V? Or am I going to need bigger wires or a larger breaker? Also, I currently have 2 group 27 batteries on my boat. 1 for the trolling motor which also has a 12V accessory plug and my second (emergency) 1100gph bilge pump wired to it. My second battery is my starting battery and also has all my 12V accessories wired to it which include LED nav and anchor lights, interior lights, HID driving lights, stereo, sonar and bilge pump. All are wired to my starting battery through a switch panel except for my sonar and HID lights. Will connecting these two batteries to make a 24V circuit for my trolling motor screw up any of my 12V accessories? What about my 2-bank on board charger? Just trying to make sure I don't fry any of my 12V accessories or my on board charger in the process.
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