plugging/patching rivet holes

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plugging/patching rivet holes

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So... Wish I had found this site sooner. Tons of great info on here!!! I picked up an old but good 13' 6" aluminum V hull for $100 with a decent trolling motor. The two benches were trashed so I drilled out the rivets on the side(will use holes for bench and rod mounts) and bottom. Should I just weld a little piece of aluminum to cover the holes on the bottom? It wouldn't take much to do it. It was only 4 little holes in two spots so 2x 4" x 4" patches should cover them both. I plan on putting a low floor in the bottom, deck up front and a storage style bench in the back with 2 of the Wise swivel hunting seat/coolers in the middle. Eventually I will get a gas motor but for just putting around the cove the trolling motor will be fine.

So what would be the most effective way to plug them?

P.S. I am very jealous of the time & work you guys get to put into your projects. Awesome stuff!!! Keep it up!

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plugging/patching rivet holes

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If you've got the setup to weld aluminum and know how to do it more power to you :)

Otherwise you're looking at a welder's cost for that.

Take a breath and look at everything you want to do before you launch the boat.

Then listen to Johnny - he'll want pictures.

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plugging/patching rivet holes

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I have yet to see someone do a good job welding on thin (.040" - .055") aluminum. Why not just replace with rivets. Solid if you can.

pop rivets and a smear of jb-weld works great too.

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plugging/patching rivet holes

Post by Johnny »

:WELCOME: to Water World !!

yep - as often said by many here - Photos will help us help you !!!

If you only need a few rivets, I can send you some if you send me a couple of bucks
for postage. Big Head soft aluminum rivets that don't look all that bad when smashed down.

On one of my older Tins, I dented around the hole about the size of a penny and 1/16" deep,
cut a soda can to fit in the dimple, sanded both sides to remove paint and make rough surface then applied
five minute two part epoxy. masking tape over the hole will keep the epoxy in its intended place.
Just checked and they are still stuck solid like from Day One. That was back in 1988.

Many many ways to patch rivet holes !!!! Just use your noggin, you can figure it out.

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plugging/patching rivet holes

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On my current build I filled some rivet holes in with JB marine weld using a putty knife. I then put a dab of 5200 on top of the holes inside the boat for extra security.