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Talk about anything that floats your boat (no pun intended). This is general talk about anything not related to boating/fishing.
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Post by MailManMike »

Hi. New guy here. I'll post the first of my inane questions in a separate thread.
I live in Clarksville, TN I like to fish, but have been doing it from the back for a number of years. Its fun and all, but too limited. So I decided to buy a boat. I got a 17 ft, aluminum Lowe with a 50 hp Johnson. It immediately turned into a "project": I treated the boat like I do cars and endeavored to learn how it worked, ticked and tocked. I took the boat on the water one time, ran fine. Back at home the next week, as part of my learning, I attempted to start the motor to check and see what it was charging at, and of course it wouldn't start. Primer was leaking. Bear in mind I know NOTHING about boat motors. I ordered a primer re-build kit then went on vacation. While out of state I found a MinnKota Maxxum 50 lb troller for $200 and couldn't pass it up. And that is when all my issues started or were discovered. Getting it home, I installed it ok. Then, having been to electrician school back in the '80s, I figured out the power wires for the troller were not heavy enough. To replace them, I had to remove the flooring.Carpeting, live well, control console, wireing for lights, bilge pump etc. I started finding a lot of hidden problems and I have to fix them before I'm comfortable with the boat.

Since this is going to be an ongoing project, you think that I should start a different thread for each issue? of just one continuous thread?

I haven't been on a boat since I walked off the ramp of an Army LCM into Lake Gatoon Panama in 1984. Jungle Warfare School at Ft. Sherman.

Long winded?

Is this an appropriate forum for a boat and motor this size?

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Post by Fire1386 »

Welcome MailManMike.....:) This place is filled with a lot of very useful information and members who are very knowledgeable on a lot of subjects pertaining to tin boats. There is a section Jon boats and V boats modifications that you can make a running post in as you go through the upgrade of your boat. One thing everyone here seems to like is pics pics and more pics.....:)

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Post by fool4fish1226 »

Work: A dangerous disorder affecting high public functionaries who want to go fishing

Project "A Little Snookered" ... 21&t=22132

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Post by Jim »

Welcome! Thanks for joining!

I would do separate threads for each topic, seems to me they get answered more. :D

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Post by richg99 »

Yeah, I find that separate threads get more attention than one very long one.

I started all of my threads with the same word.... "Added".... whatever. It made it easy to find an older post from me. I did a search under "My Posts" for any thread that has "Added" in the title.

Of course, I post too often and have a lot of threads to look through, if I didn't have some kind of system. Welcome aboard. richg99

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