Mercury 35 jet

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Mercury 35 jet

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It is surprising how little information that I can find about this engine. I'm considering putting it on a new build and I'm told that the difference between this jet and the 60/40 Is that the 60/40 will pull away as a little faster but they're the same until you reach 70% of throttle. I'm also told it is the same head as to 6040 just necked-down to accommodate rivers that have engine restrictions.

I'm not building a boat to be a speed freak but I would like to get 20 mph out of it if possible? I just wonder for those who have been with 35 jet What your take is on it?

The boat I'm putting it on It's not in aluminum hull, it's a power drifter. It's going to weigh about 450 lb...

In any case I want some input feedback about the Mercury 35 jet because that is the engine I happened to be considering. I'm not sure where I could find a good used one but it looks like I'll be buying new unless I do.

Thank you for your feedback, this is a great site.

Thank you.

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Mercury 35 jet

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What shaft length does your boat take? I would guess the 2 stroke makes a little more power vs the 4 stroke. I have a Merc 60/45 2 stroke short shaft motor on my Lowe 1652 jet tunnel hull and it moves the boat pretty good. It's more than enough with just me in the boat but if I have 2 other people it's barely enough. I would think a 50/35 would be good for a couple of people but if you add weight like a cooler or fish tank and extra fuel it could be a lot tougher to get it going. I think it really depends on what your normal boat setup will be so let us know what combination you plan on running. I know I go through fuel a lot quicker when the river is running high with faster current but in low water it works fine.
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Mercury 35 jet

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The only differences in the 35 jet and the 40 jet are the stickers, price and programming. They are essentially the same engine. Mercury just starting making the 35 jet a year ago, so finding a used one is going to be pretty hard.

The 65 jet and the 80 jet are the same both the same engine just different programming, etc.
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