No Kokes for Us

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No Kokes for Us

Post by LDUBS »

Not a very exciting report, but since when did that stop me. Haha

Our regular ramp at this lake is high and dry due to the drought. The alternate ramp at a marina down the road is about the same total drive time, but at a different part of the lake. It is about a 6 mile boat ride through a canyon to reach the main lake. It is actually a pretty nice boat ride. Downside is the ramp fees are 4x higher. But I’m not going to complain. These guys went to the trouble to build a secondary ramp for drought conditions. This year they even paved it. The usual ramp is completely out of the water and is actually now the boat trailer parking area. Crazy stuff.

Our objective going in was kokanee. We covered a lot of ground everywhere from 60’ to 90’ deep on the down riggers. Saw a few marks down that deep but never got even a bump.

After three hours of enjoying the view, we decided to target trout. We caught two at 45’ on spoons. My son caught the bass at 35’ on a green hoochie behind a dodger. Surface temp was 78.4*. You can see in the pic's that the air is pretty thick with smoke from all the wildfires.

Just an observation. Even when trolling deep, trout tend to come right to the surface when hooked. It isn’t uncommon for them to jump three of four times before we get them to the boat. Bass, on the other hand tend to stay deeper right up to the boat. With luck, we will be able to continue to test this theory!

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No Kokes for Us

Post by Jim »

Thanks for the report! I love hearing all reports even if not “exciting”.

You’re out there, that’s what I like to see. :beer:
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