Check Engine Light

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Check Engine Light

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My GF has a Toyota the would lock up the ignition (every time) trying to start it after she hit the parking space bumper on her last park. The "mechanic" told her it's a problem with Corollas and told her to not hit the bumper in the parking lot.

The cause was the remote control battery power was strong enough to unlock the doors but not to disarm the security system. I replaced the battery in the remote nearly 2 years ago and it never happened again.

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Check Engine Light

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Two weeks ago I had that same error code 0440 on my 2003 Trailblazer.
Replaced - fuel tank
- fuel pump/sending unit
- purge valve
- fuel lines
- fuel filter
- gas cap
- air filter
That problem solved.
Now the transmission down shifts and up shifts when driving at a constant speed. Speed up or slow down the transmission is fine. Thinking maybe the transmission solenoids are failing
If I had not just bought this Trailblazer in November I would have junked it.
I have to learn that I cannot afford to buy cheap priced vehicles.

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Check Engine Light

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Update, My car still throws this code as I pass through that location. It is going on two years now. I guess I will have to live with it. I only pass through there once a week at the most so it is not too bad. Other than that the car is in excellent shape. It only has 85,000 miles on it. I have taken it on vacations and driven it a thousand miles and no code. As I mentioned in an earlier post I had it tested and they found no problem with the EVAP system. I am thinking it may be electrical interference from something there.

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Check Engine Light

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August 2017:
New River Rat wrote:I've read this thread and would almost bet that there is some form of electrical interference
February 2019:
KMixson wrote: I am thinking it may be electrical interference from something there.
Makes perfect sense to me. :wink:
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Check Engine Light

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I need a program for my car service, I heard it is very convenient, is it true?

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Check Engine Light

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This is convenient because it allows you to keep warehouse records, calculate the cost of repair/restoration work, generate and issue invoices, acts, work orders, invoices, and other primary and secondary documents. The program contains a module that produces various analytical forecasts and calculations; in addition, the program is equipped with the most powerful reporting system for operations, actions, and documents performed in it. Reports can be generated for any date, any period.