OutBoard Service Repair manuals

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

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DOH!! Saw the other thread. Found it.
Thanks for posting these up.

- MR

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

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To anyone wanting to know how to log into ebscohost. You must go to the URL https://search.ebscohost.com/‎. Then the login info ...marshall/public will work. I scratched my head a few times trying to figure this out.

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

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i need this so bad lol what to post what to post . great site

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

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Thanks for the offer. Great site and great builds from everyone.

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by SuDZ »

If you happen to have any literature for a 1966 Johnson Sea-Horse 9.5hp, I'd love it.

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by Jmcadams »

Can anyone assist me with a link to repair manual for a 1989 Johnson 40hp outboard motor? I am at jmmcadams@live.com. I am currently having trouble with getting a hard bulb from the fuel tank through the in line fuel filter to the pump.

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by spcamno »

Bought a 1999 Evinrude 50hp EFI 4 Stroke (Suzuki?) anybody can help with a manual?

Got to change the impeller and do a few things any help will be very much appreciated!

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by nguye569 »

Does anyone have a manual for a 2001 Mercury 25EL?
1999 SeaArk 1542P with 2001 Mercury 25 EL

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by WaltR »

I've got the Service Manual PDF of the Honda B75 for all the good it's done me for lack of parts. Curse you Honda for seemingly not carrying anything over from the B to the BF series! No problem finding service parts for my '65 Johnson, but not even a gasket for a '75 Honda? At least some of the bolts and screws cross reference. I'd be happy to donate to the cause.
Walt R
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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

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looking for a manual for an Evinrude 70773S 70 HP 2 cycle engine.

Thanks for the help,


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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by colinmcclelland »

I have a 2000 Yamaha 5 hp 2 stroke. I found the website boatinfo.no has this manual and I can browse it, but the site is kinda flaky and I don't have the computer skills to download the manual. If anyone has a hard copy to sell or a link to a downloadable version of the 1997-2003 Yamaha outboard manual I would appreciate it.

I have googled this trying all the different searches I can think of and can't come up with a link.


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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by Jim »

Just added Tohatsu MF25/30B to the library. If you are in need of manual, PM me as I do not check this thread very often. :beer:
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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by zilla469 »

Hi. I need a manual for a 1973 Evinrude 9.5hp Sportwin m# 9322b. e-mail rgavin469@gmail.com ty

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals

Post by samuelh1987 »

I'm needing a service manual for my 1989 Johnson 15hp. Email is samuelhallcl@yahoo.com. Thanks everyone. Loving this site.

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OutBoard Service Repair manuals


Glad I found a spot to get some info on my little 59 3hp Evinrude. When I picked it up with the boat (14ft Sears jon circa early 70s) it didn't run. Installed a pull rope and new recoil spring, rebuilt the carb and installed some new plugs and she purred. Went ahead and changed the lower unit oil then. Impeller looked decent. Took it out and it ran good. That winter I changed the impeller, water tube seal in the lower unit, shaft oring then removed the headgasket to check for any build up. All was good. Coils and points were replaced somewhere along the way so that was good also. I would still like to have a manual for the little engine so after some more posts I'll just check back here for a copy if you have one. Great site with lots of info. I've come here a lot to browse and figured I'd join.