Anyone out there play guitar?

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Anyone out there play guitar?

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I have been playing for right around 15 years, I should be a lot better than I am, but to me it is just something I like to do when I have some spare time, I typically get in atleast an hour daily. I never wanted to make anything of it other than that. My main ax is an ebony sg standard, and I have a bc rich nj beast, that I would like to get rid of. I also have a bunch of bodies and necks laying aorund that with random electronics that I picked up on ebay years ago and never did anything with. I mostly play metal stuff and just some random shreds I like. I am a metalhead through and through anything from power and progressive to death and black....I like it all. I have two crappy amps, a digitech rp 355 and a bunch of single stomp boxes....oh and everybody has gotsta have a crybaby.

You guys have some nice guitars and pedal boards....I wish I was that organized, I have cords and crap everywhere :?
Unfortunately my fingers are too fat for me to get as good as I'd like. I just cannot sweep to save my life, my fingers just don't work like that. I swear some people are just engineered to play right out of the.... [-X

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Anyone out there play guitar?

Post by thad. »

Yeah, I play.

I don't do bands any more but I like doing solo acoustic stuff. I don't do typical acoustic songs- I do acoustic versions of old metal, new rock stuff, and 80's stuff. Eclecticism is fun.
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Anyone out there play guitar?

Post by ray55classic »

I've been playing awhile {and still have a ways to go} and have a DeArmond Starfire Special, a MexiStrat and a TeleSquire, all thru a Vox AD30VT and a Fender Frontman. Play mostly rockabilly, 60's and 70's rock, the stuff I grew up with.
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Anyone out there play guitar?

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I play on an intermediate level, my gear is way better then I am, but hell, you only live once. PRS SE24, Fender white on white Strat, Epi sunburst LP in the electric dept. A fender G-DEC amp mostly for a beat, a Pignose for portability, and an Ibanez 15 watt tube screamer.

Acoustically speaking my starter Ibanez artwood 100, a starter Ovation, an Epi SJ 200 and a Gibson G45.If any of you are around the northern NJ area, say hi.