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*********Bass clubs forums********

Post by Jim »

I am thinking about switching this forum to a one general forum format with state subforums and then the bass club info can be posted there. So it will look like this:

General fishing clubs>state>name of club and discussion about club stuff.

Most clubs have their own site anyway.

A reader can then click on the fishing club forum and then state they are interested in and then then see the clubs.

I will only add states when there is a club. I will not list all 50 states.

Truth be told there is not enough traffic to that section to warrant that much real estate on the main forum page.

If you are a moderator of a particular forum, please pm me me so we can discuss your forum and it's move.

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*********Bass clubs forums********

Post by russ010 »

I agree Jim... I tried to get our guys to use this site, but they all (those who can use a computer) stay on our State Forum (gon.com) and it's hard to get them away from it.