Light setup

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Light setup

Post by theyyounggun »

What is the best way to hook up 10 econo lights to the genny?
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Light setup

Post by ShadowWalker »

I know this is old. But no one answered you. What wattage generator and lights?
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Light setup

Post by WestTexas »

Good looking out Shadow =D>
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Light setup

Post by Metal Rodholders »

I wire mine in parallel like probably everyone else but I keep my different sides separate.

For example

Left side 4 lights
Right Side 4 lights
Front 2 lights
Rear 2 lights

Each of those are hooked up to a plug and then I have the option of using multiple plugs on my generator. No need in over working your generator if your not in the back of the boat or your all shooting a river bank on the left side.

If your using 12v I would run 0-2ga wires to a junction box off your inverter/batteries then plug in your led lights the same way but don't use a standard plug you never know when someone on your boat will want to be extra helpful and plug it straight into your genny.

If your genny is for example 3500 watts (Mine's a champion its loud but very reliable) you shouldn't have more then 2800 watts in lights. Halo lights are cheap to buy (econ lights) but are not that efficient HPS are much better. I run Halos they work just fine in the Indiana muddy water.

Bowfishing is a great sport just get on the water and you will figure out what you need I think to many people worry about not having just the right setup. Whatever you do don't overload your boat we lost (they died in cold water) a few people last year here and none of this is worth dieing over. A 1432 Jonboat or similar is not a bow fishing rig its barely good enough for two guys and a full cooler bluegill fishing. When you put a 75lb generator, 50lb of lights/rails, extra batteries inverter, gas, motor, trolling motor, you and your fishing partner(s), and other gear it adds up quick sit down and make a list add it up and compare it to your weight limit tag on your boat.