Bottle or Reel style retriever?

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Bottle or Reel style retriever?

Post by tonynoriega »

I have had my AMS bottle for about 3 seasons now and after about the first 6 months where I could not keep the damn thing from binding up, it has been smooth...

I have a buddy who has gone through 3 of the reel style retrievers since that time... breaks, busted pieces falling off, the riser would not seat properly...etc...

What do you prefer shooting?

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Bottle or Reel style retriever?

Post by Ryno685 »

I have the ams retriever on both of my bows, and haven't had any major problems. One is around 7 yrs old and the other 3 or 4. When they start to bind up a little, they're usually just a little out of adjustment. Its hard to explain, but it is an easy fix. AMS has a YouTube video on how to adjust the crank and roller, works like a charm. My older reel got to where I could hardly turn the crank to retrieve line, followed the video and no problems now. Works like new. Hope this helps.
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Bottle or Reel style retriever?

Post by RiverBottomOutdoors »

I've had to take a AMS appart and clean it one time....but that's all the trouble I've ever had with one. I prefer the AMS over fishing reels.

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Bottle or Reel style retriever?

Post by Wood_Duck »

If you don't shoot huge fish I'm a fan of the AMS. My Pro would smoke any reel styles on retrieve speed. But we have grasscarp and the reel style brings more to the table against them.

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Bottle or Reel style retriever?

Post by MNbowfishing »

Bottle all day. I won the muzzy reel at a tournament so I figured I would try it atleast.. used it for 30 minutes and switched back and sold it the next day. Too many buttons, I like the simplicity of the bottle especially when there's 40 fish swimming around you.

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Bottle or Reel style retriever?

Post by cajunrebel »

My brother and I setup a bow 10 years ago with a standard reel and we lost a ton of arrows. I now have an AMS on my new setup.

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