tin boats in salt

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tin boats in salt

Post by jhef »

how the smaller tins 14 to 16 feet do in the bays, grass flats etc. i got a 1548 weldbilt but not sure if i want to drag it down to steinhatchee or not..

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tin boats in salt

Post by KMixson »

I had my 14' Duracraft in Charleston harbor a few times. On calm days it is not too bad. On windy days it can get hair-raising at times. Seas over two to three feet can test your seamanship. I guess you fail your seamanship class if you are out there in rough seas to begin with. Fighting wind, waves and current all the while avoiding other boats, ships, ferries and sand bars can keep you on your toes.

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tin boats in salt

Post by reedjj »

I have a 2002 G3 1756 that I take to Horseshoe beach ALOT. fishing and duckhunting. just watch the rocks! There are tons of guys running alum boats and airboats there.

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tin boats in salt

Post by mbweimar »

Go for it man! I used to fish out of St. Marks in a 1436. I had no problems except I had to keep an eye on the weather.
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tin boats in salt

Post by vahunter »

I run a 1548 weldbilt too. Been running it in the salt for 4 years. 20in transom is better to have and I'd say at least 20hp motor thats well propped. You do not want a sluggish or slow planning boat. I have a 16in transom but added float pods and that helps a lot. I agree with Kmixson when that breezy day gets windyyy from the wrong direction. While a 1-2ft seas can get bumpy it doesn't take much to get worse. Between duck hunting and fishing in those 4 years I've only had a handful of sketchy trips. Most of those being duckhunting. Duck hunters are just crazy like that...
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tin boats in salt

Post by PSG-1 »

I've got a 1650 triton that I take out in Winyah Bay. It can get pretty nasty out there sometimes, though. It might start out calm, but if the wind or tide changes, it can get real snotty. Still, this boat has a decent margin of safety. I've taken it in the ocean, as well. But I would not exceed 1-2 ft seas with it.
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tin boats in salt

Post by Johnny »

Jhef, are you asking about the seaworthyness of a tin boat ?
or, the saltwater and corrosion factor.
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tin boats in salt

Post by LeftCoastAngler »

Are you planning a scallaping trip?
Mmmmmmmmm yummy
I will be out there this season too

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tin boats in salt

Post by neilcode3 »

We have a 1448 Lowes and we fish exclusively in Corpus Christi on the flats. Difficult to control in heavy winds, but its a breeze to drift and pole.

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tin boats in salt

Post by clinchmtnboy »

I use mine. I just wash it after use.

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tin boats in salt

Post by mrdrh99 »

I'm almost done with my Landau 1470, has a 20" transom with a 25hp Johnson and this boat will see over half of its usage in salt/brackish water. Will be pulling through the car wash directly out of the water for a good rinse then a good flush with earmuffs at home.
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tin boats in salt

Post by FL Angler »

I 1232 in the lagoons of Florida east coast. I haven't seen any adverse effects to hull. It can get rough out there...that's when I don't go out!

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tin boats in salt

Post by sonny.barile »

13 ft. Duranautic with a 15 Yammie Rarity Bay back waters and connecting brackish rivers

You can run into trouble with corrosion if you have bare aluminum sitting on carpeted wood bunks. Easily remedied with glide sticks on the bunks.

Just make sure you wash the salt crud off the exterior and you should be fine. .....and flush the motor with fresh water after each use.
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tin boats in salt

Post by boguesounder »

I fish a 1436 in the skinny water of coastal NC. Mostly protected and shallow flats fishing. Short jaunts down the ICW from spot to spot make me nervous on busy days. Big boat wake is worse than wind waves for me. While I can predict the wind produced waves and stay in relative comfort, I don't think other boaters realize they can swamp a small boat fairly easily. I have some very large vessels in my area. That said, take it with you. It will get you out to where the fish are and help you have fun. Mine catches a lot of fish. Take it!

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tin boats in salt

Post by tsezan »

My Crestliner 1462 has been handling Sarasota Bay like a champ the past 4 days. 15 hp mercury 4 stroke. I've been up and down the whole length of Longboat. Flushing motor and washing boat after each day with some salt away type stuff I ordered off amazon. My boat isn't the smallest I have seen out there either.
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