Homemade livewell

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Homemade livewell

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For running in my small (12' to 14') tins, home made livewells. My company uses a ton of barrels like this, so I get my pick from 20 to 35 to 50 gallon 'poly' barrels. Add a few fittings for inlet and outlet ... and presto ... instant livewell.

Add a pump and inlet hose, where the pump direct connects to a battery, with a waterproof in-line switch, and off you go. A simple strap of bungee cord helps keep the lid closed to avoid losing too much water in waves/wakes.

TIP - I find blue colored barrels keep the saltwater baits (mackerel or pogies) less stressed. Plus I add a simple 90-degree elbow to the inlet side to circulate the water in a revolving manner, not just straight into the side of the barrel.
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