New marine hand held gps recommended??

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New marine hand held gps recommended??

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I'm in market for a new handheld GPS for boat and am overwhelmed with many different reveiws that are somewhat contradictory.. I'm going nuts trying to sort it all out and make a decision.
I fish in a tidal river off James River in VA, and in a 1500 acre Cypress swamp/lake. Just looking for something to show where I am,I relation to nearby roads, speed, direction,etc. Never owned one before except my auto gps. What do any of you folks use and recommend?? Thanks for your input!..
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New marine hand held gps recommended??

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I use Navionics charts on my Hummingbird fish finder. The coverage and contour accuracy is terrific. They also offer an app that can be used on smart phones (I'm positive they are one among many that offer this type of app). I know at least one TB member (Rich99) used it so if he sees this maybe he can weigh in. There was a thread here on TB last year discussing the use of smart phones for gps. Some folks say it was hard to see on their smart phones in sunlight.

On the Navionics website ( you can download their Chartviewer and check out the coverage for your lakes & rivers. I have it on my MacBook favorites and frequently use it to scope out a lake for "fishy" looking spots.

Anyway, here is a link to that thread I mentioned above:


Edit: When I see links to Amazon, or other sales sites in those "Top 5" or "Best of" reviews I start to question how impartial or objective the review really is. Unfortunately, those seem to be all too common when Googling product "reviews".
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New marine hand held gps recommended??

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Yep, if that is all you are looking for, the Navionics app on a smart phone works great. I think it's $15.

If you do not use a smart phone, and do not have a GPS capable fish finder that accepts micro-SD cards, any of the Garmin or Lowrance handhelds are fantastic.
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