1968 Apache Jon Boat

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1968 Apache Jon Boat

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I'm new to the site and to boating in general. Looking to find a small jon boat to do some small electric motor only lake fishing. A guy 10 miles away has a 1968 Apache Aluminum flat bottom Jon boat for sale, but I don't know what something like that is worth. He's asking $100. He said it doesn't leak and has been in his barn since 1999. I don't want to get "taken" , but I also don't want to insult him with a low ball offer. Anyone know anything about these boats or what a good price would be? Thanks

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1968 Apache Jon Boat

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Basically, the aluminum of the boat is worth $100 as scrap, so he is not asking too much.

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1968 Apache Jon Boat

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Stop by his place and see who he keeps things, some guys take meticulous care of things, others just toss them and they stay wherever they land. You'll knw which one he is or somewhere in between right away. If the bot looks kept you're probably getting a decent deal.

Lay the boat on a couple of horses and put a water hose in her, let her fill up 1/2 way and chat the guy up, if he's a real good guy take him for a bite to eat. after awhile look for leaks, feel the underside of the hull for wet spots. No offense but if she's dry $100 you can't go wrong.

I don't know your size or the exact size of the boat, but if your an avg sized guy you can make do with a 10' jon, larger is always better.

Do a quick craigslist search for aluminum boats, you'll see prices well above $100.