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Sears Jon Boats

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crannman wrote: 22 Dec 2021, 09:07 The aft seat on my 12’ jon boat is too close to the transom and as many have mentioned before, the tiller for the outboard or trolling motor is too close to the seat.
I chose to install a slider bracket with 5/16” rivenuts and ss bolts at the forward edge of the bench seat to move the seat forward and now have about a 21” clearance from the transom to the back of the Millennium Marine seat. Also installed a swivel bracket for the seat.
I installed the slider bracket upside down from what was pictured on the packaging. Functionality seems to be the same. The mounting holes in the “I” shaped bracket aligned with the swivel bracket for mounting the seat better than the plate. Needed the plate side down for the support needed to move the seat forward.
Supported the front on the bracket with a piece of 2x6 and cross bracing brackets. I installed one bracket and in the process of fabricating and installing the second. The 2x6 is just sitting on top of the EVA foam on the deck. Using cross bracing from the bracket to the bench seat to hold it in place but expect it will move some but hopefully not too bad!
Waiting until Spring to try it out and hope it helps to make it easier to handle the tiller on either the outboard or trolling motor.

That is one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas. Pretty slick.
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Sears Jon Boats

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Thank you! Seems solid, hope to prove it out on the water in the spring!