Motor Support Bracket

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Motor Support Bracket

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I have a 2021 Honda 9.9 4 stroke and it sits too low on my trailer so I need to get a support bracket. The honda manual says to use a support bracket. Any idea what support bracket would be best for this small outboard? Thanks, John

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Motor Support Bracket

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By support bracket they mean a traditional transom saver. They (Honda) want you to use a transom saver when you cannot leave the outboard in its normal down position because of clearance concerns (a very common issue). Clearly, they do not want you to use the lock lever tab to hold the outboard up while trailering. But you already know all of this.

Transom savers come in a size range which you can check to make sure it will fit your trailer/motor configuration. If your transom overhangs the trailer's rear cross member, you may not be able to use a straight transom saver. If that is the case, you will need to look at angled or curved transom savers to clear the bottom of your hull. Whichever one you select, my advice is to make sure the transom saver is firmly secured to both the outboard and the trailer's rear cross member. Do not rely on the weight of the outboard to hold the transom saver to the trailer.

Sorry, I can't give a specific recommendation. I use a wedge style support instead of a transom saver.
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