Bunk placement

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Bunk placement

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It is important that the tongue weight be 10% to 15% of the boat/trailer weight. Too little tongue weight can cause catastrophic fish tailing. Too much can potentially overload the tow vehicles rear suspension causing control issues.

Sounds like the boat is rocking forward when you tighten the winch strap. You don't want to lever the boat with the winch strap. When the boat is fully loaded on the trailer the winch post roller/pad should be right up against the boat. Take a look at JL8JEFF's photo above.

There are different ways to adjust the bunks so they extend past your transom by 1/2" to 1". You can move the boat forward, move the bunks back, or put longer bunks. If the tongue weight is OK the way the boat currently sits, then IMO the easier way is what you described. Launch the boat. Move the 2x bunk boards where they should be (no need to remove the bunk support brackets).

Sounds like a few tweaks are needed to have the boat fully supported on the trailer.
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Bunk placement

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$5K sure sounds high for patching the cracks. Are they completely replacing the transom?

For that kind of money, you could buy a welder & do it yourself.

Whatever they do, they should reinforce it so it is stronger than original.

All the above advice on transom saver & trailer support is spot on.

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Bunk placement

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I took everyone's advice and moved the bunks back to where there is about half an inch sticking out from the back of the boat. Then researched how to lift the boat off the trailer to better see and fix the cracks in the hull.
Long story short, I used flex seal tape as a temporary fix. I've had the boat on the water twice for a total of 8 hours or so and haven't used the bilge once! If that gets me through the fall I'm happy.
Anyway thanks for the help and I realize how much I have to learn about boat ownership and maintenance.

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Bunk placement

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Phil Swift would be proud!!! Glad that you found something to work for you to get through the fall fishing season. Be sure to get it worked on this winter and don't procrastinate (which we are all guilty of) because spring comes faster than you think!