Other Woodwork

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Other Woodwork

Post by LDUBS »

I didn't want to hi-jack Catsmith's Woodwork thread, so started this one.

I built this fireplace mantle for my wife's sister. Her's was an irregular row of large stones jutting out at all different angles. Not cultured stones, real big real stones. I am not altogether pleased with the proportions of the new mantle. Unfortunately, I was limited what I could do because of the size of the existing stones I had to cover. I thought briefly of removing the original mantle stones. Decided I didn't want to open a can of worms so left well enough alone. Shimming along the top of the old mantle and scribing along the underneath part was tedious, but not as bad as I had thought it would be. Total cost $43 for a sheet of MDF. They already had the paint.

My SIL is happy with her new mantle. Mrs Ldubs is happy that her sister is happy. Therefore, I'm happy. (it is kind of like trickle down).

Sorry about the odd tint to the pic. Not sure why that happened.

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Other Woodwork

Post by Jim »

Looks awesome! Great job man!
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