Cabela's Sausage Making Kit

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captain belly
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Cabela's Sausage Making Kit

Post by captain belly »

I've been making deer sausage from scratch for years. I have a lot of friends and family ask me how to get started. I got started a long time ago after buying a sausage making kit. I thought I'd make a video to help people get started by using a kit. This should give folks an idea on what equipment to obtain, as well as the labor involved. I should have made this video years ago. I would have just sent the link to people. Hope this helps someone out.

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Cabela's Sausage Making Kit

Post by BAY BEAGLE »

Looks good!!!! I too enjoy turning venison into various configurations. From breakfast links to Italian sausage. Enjoy making BBQ from quality cuts, and freezing for later dates. When I catch pork shoulders for .99 lb or less, I load the cart, and freeze them for sausage too.
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Cabela's Sausage Making Kit

Post by Jim »

Great video Captain, thanks for sharing. I never heard of high temp cheese before.

Bay Eagle, those sausages look yummy.
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