"Cuda" seat clamps?

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"Cuda" seat clamps?

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I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with "Cuda" seat clamps, as seen here?:

I purchased a Sully Cuda Seat Clamp a few years ago from Cabelas for $50-60. It has worked perfect for my older bench seats (lip on each side), so now I would like to get 2 more. When I look for the Sully clamp, it is either out of stock or $100.

Then I came across this:


It is sold as a Kimpex Cuda Seat Clamp. It looks exactly the same and $53. I'm trying to understand the product and price difference. Is "Cuda" a style or is this a knock-off of the both the Sully product and name?

I think I remember the Sully clamp being made in the USA...not sure on this Kimpex.

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