Bose 3-2-1

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Bose 3-2-1

Post by Jim »

To sort of keep these 2 threads seperate, Along with the TV I want to get the Bose 3-2-1 to have installed on the wall also. The reason I want this setup.

1, It will blow away the speakers built into the LCD.
2, It will look nice on the wall nect to the TV.
3, No wires to run because there are no rear speakers.
4, I can hide the small bass module in a cabinet that will not hinder the sound.

I have 2 kids and they hate loud TV. I would rather a system that is clear, solid and crisp rather than acomplete and total surround sound system (which I have but never use..All yamaha).

Anyone have this set? Its $799 at the local BJ's.

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Post by Gamefisher »

Bose sells a lot of stuff with all kinds of bells and wistles, but don't really completely pull it off as advertised, so make sure you listen to it somewhere first.

Where did you see you can put the bass speaker in a cabinet? If it is an enclosed cabinet, it will certainly hinder the sound. The bose site says behind a curtain or chair, but you can really do that with any subwoofer. Low frequencies are omni-directional so you don't have that much sense of where they are coming from.