Suggestion - "show me" threads.

Talk about anything that floats your boat (no pun intended). This is general talk about anything not related to boating/fishing.
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Suggestion - "show me" threads.

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I spend a lot of time on another forum called AVS (home theater) and in the home theatre build menu they have a "show me" sticky. It has links to very specific picture threads for theatre design like "show me your screen", "show me your stage", "show me your columns"...get the idea? They are just for the pics not discussion...if somebody sees something they have a question on they can contact the OP.

Anyway I thought it would be great if we could set something similar up here in boat mod section. It would be a neat way to compile all the common "show me your transom", "show me your trolling motor mount", "show me your trailer guides"....

Just a suggestion I think would be helpful and cool.

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