Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Talk about anything that floats your boat (no pun intended). This is general talk about anything not related to boating/fishing.
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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by lugoismad » 21 Aug 2016, 18:59

I had a guy contact me that wants to trade me a 25 foot pontoon boat for my popup camper I'm selling.

I did some research, and my 14' Sea Nymph is worth the same amount as my camper, so I could sell it, and basically it would be like upgrading my boat for free.

Its a 25' with a 75 hp Evinrude. He said it has a new awning.

This is the only photo I have of it.


He's going to come look at my camper tomorrow night, then I'll go look at his pontoon boat if he likes the camper.

I would love a pontoon boat, right now I can't take the whole family out on the sea nymph due to not enough room. With a 25 footer, I could take them AND friends. That thing would easily seat 10 people.

I'd definitely want him to fire it up on muffs, and I'd look the pontoons over really well for any corrosion or holes.

Is there anything else pontoon specific I should make sure to check out?

Would my 2013 Silverado 2wd V6 (4.3 liter) tow that and be able to pull it out at the launch ok?
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Al U Minium
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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by Al U Minium » 22 Aug 2016, 07:59

If it is clean and looks like it has been cared for (nice cover is great example), do it. yes you can tow it unless you are driving the interstate at 85mph, really, where are you towing it to and how poor a ramp set up are you using it in?

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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by bobberboy » 22 Aug 2016, 08:41

Living in the Land O' Lakes, I see a lot of pontoons on lakes but I don't often see them on the highway except in the spring and fall when they are going to and from storage. Towing a pontoon around will likely be very different from your current boat. First of all it's nearly twice as long and probably about two feet wider than your 14 footer. Be sure before you decide that you can deal with towing it regularly, store it and get it to the places you want to go. All public accesses are not created equal.

You didn't actually say whether you live on the water or not but if you do, ignore the above and get it. It would make a good casting platform, I see people trolling with them and as you said you can take everyone along.

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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by richg99 » 22 Aug 2016, 10:44

Just the 75 hp engine should be worth a lot, if it is relatively new. I'd probably buy/borrow/rent an engine compression gauge and check it out. If both cylinders (assuming it has two/three) read approximately the same, and the engine runs well on the muffs, then it certainly has some potential. A "sea trial" is better, of course.

If you have a family, then they will enjoy the heck out of the "toon. You can pull some behind on a tube; have parties; be out of the sun, etc.

I owned at 14 ft. 'toon some 15 years ago. I liked it but I found that it blew all over the place when I tried fishing off of it. I like to drift, and, if I did that today, I'd buy a couple of large drift chutes. I'd bet that I could do better with them on the 'toon, for drifting.

For fishing, you can always buy a cheap kayak and use the 'toon to get you to close-in shallow spots; launch the yak, and use the big boat as a "mother-ship".

The warnings on towing are valid. It isn't the --towing-- it's the --stopping-- that can get dicey. Also, wind resistance and side pressures can be scary. But, if you don't tow it often, and don't too it far...just watch the wind predictions and go have fun. The article I LINKED below will help you with deciding if you can tow it with your vehicle. ... -examples/

It'll be a world of difference from a 14 footer.

Be sure that the HIN number checks out with his title. Same with the
VIN number on the trailer. LOOK at them.

I just tried to help a guy a week or so ago with a possibly incorrect pontoon HIN number. He got a letter from the Coast Guard that his HIN number didn't jive with his year/description of his boat. We couldn't find ANY HIN number on the 'toon!!!


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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by Johnny » 22 Aug 2016, 13:22

Lugo - If you have never towed or launched a big pontoon,
my personal Dos Centavos would be to hang out at the marina
and watch others and see what their techniques are. and ASK a LOT of questions.
towing a 25 footer can get VERY hairy at times with traffic and a cross wind.
I would think it would have the same towing characteristics as your new big camper.
they are fairly lightweight and easily blown around on the road (and water).
but once you get confident in your handling skills, it will be an awesome
family boat !!!! (look at the other toons and see what the average HP size).
My parents had a 24 footer and they made it into a weekend camper.
My mother made the side curtains and it was complete
with gas stove, sink, potty, 12volt cooler, and fish cleaning station.......
many a good time was had on that boat.

My vote would be YES - do it !!!
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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by jethro » 22 Aug 2016, 14:03

Agreed with all above. I have some friends with 'toons. Towing and launching a pontoon is a chore compared to flat or V hull boats. And the space is good but like Rich said, the amount of "freeboard" is more than almost any boat. Freeboard is in quotes because it's not actual freeboard, but effective freeboard in regards to the wind when you consider the panel sides. Because of this, I find them challenging to bass fish from, but if you do more still fishing on anchor than they are great, or of you troll they are fantastic.

And a word of fair warning here... this year alone- JUST THIS YEAR- I have been under the water twice on pontoon boats. TWICE!! When you are under way, please make sure people stay put. With all that space and such a big vessel people don't think there is anything that can go wrong, but if all of a sudden 4 of the kids go upfront while you are cruising then you back off the throttle slightly without thinking- boat goes underwater. I'm not kidding you- UNDERWATER. It's happened to me twice this year and as a severe control freak I am already white knuckling when someone is at the helm instead of myself. Now, if you are a good captain, that won't happen, but be aware of the risks.
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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by KMixson » 22 Aug 2016, 14:14

You have to take into account the grade of the ramp when pulling it out of the water also. A steep ramp will be harder to pull where a shallow ramp would be easier to pull but you may submerge your vehicle to get it on the trailer. As has been said previously, Go watch a ramp and see what others are doing.

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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by Steve A W » 22 Aug 2016, 22:49

Check the floors for rot.
Here's some youtube vid's of pontoon launching. ... oat+launch
Good Luck

Steve A W

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Kind tinnish? Lets talk Pontoon boats

Post by Crazyboat » 03 Sep 2016, 18:16

Do check the condition of the under decking and electronics, if the wood deck is starting to rot it's an expensive repair unless your handy and have time to do it yourself.

Check for cracks in all welds.

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