1966 MirroCraft 3614 Project

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1966 MirroCraft 3614 Project

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oakchas wrote:Okay, two fishing trips.... each time fish were caught and released. Nothing worth keeping. Lost the anchor on the first fishing trip.... Here's what happened. Brought the anchor up into the anchor winch and bloop! Thar she went. Rats! Looked like it tore the anchor off of the anchor rope. So when I got it home I looked it over pretty carefully. The anchor rope provided with the winch was frayed on the end... but I could see where it was NOT spliced around the thimble (which was now gone) but the end of the rope was pushed into a hole in the weave higher on the rope. not good, not permanent. So, bought a new anchor. Tied a SS snap link onto the end of the anchor rope with an anchor bend. Put a new SS anchor shackle on the anchor. Works like a champ.

On the second trip, filling the live well from the aerator leg did not work, initially. Filled it from the drain line side, no problem. Subsequent timed aeration worked fine... apparently a "vapor lock" in the line feeding the aerator fill side leaving both valves open when filling on the drain end filled both lines... and no subsequent difficulties.
No way to know if it will go wrong until you test it out! Good to hear they were both relatively minor issues you got straightened out.

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1966 MirroCraft 3614 Project

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Looks great i like the way you have the decks set up. I dont like how some come all the way to the top i would end up prolly kicking something offon those.

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1966 MirroCraft 3614 Project

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Bridge.... Yep, you're right... Learn by getting it out there.....

AK.... Thanks... I copied the newest version of mirrocraft's 14 footer.... Only thing I would change is to move the aft seat back 4-6"...

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1966 MirroCraft 3614 Project

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Awesome build and work!!

I am planning to start my 2nd boat "build"/restore on a similar 14ft tinny hopefully before winter sets in(looking to finish by summer 2019) and might borrow some of your ideas for the flooring and such, thanks for the great read!
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