Need ideas for boat cover

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Need ideas for boat cover

Post by CodyPomeroy »

Up until this week I have been using a heavy duty tarp to cover my boat. I noticed it was starting to show some wear and hoped I could keep it through the season. Then we had a wind storm and it ripped in half. I have been looking at trailerable covers and here is my problem: my boat is a 12'er that actually measures 11'4". Most of the generic covers are made for 12'-14' and would have a bunch of excess fabric. I am finding the same with tarps. My question is, has anyone had any experience using these generic sized covers sold at wal mart, menards, etc...? Is there anything anyone has done to modify a tarp to work better? I really don't want to spend $120 bucks on a cover, but I don't want to keep having to replace tarps.


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Need ideas for boat cover

Post by Wallijig »

In my opinion you pay for what you get. Tarps from walmart and menards are thinner and work for just covering when parked, but would not hold up on boat when being towed.
When I had my smaller boat I got tarp from Cabelas, which was heavier. I took it to upholstery shop to have them fit back better being it was to long. Used excess material to have motor cover incorporated in it.
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Need ideas for boat cover

Post by carrothead »

I've been wondering about a cover for my boat also. I'm curious as to what other people do for this.

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Need ideas for boat cover

Post by jigngrub »

It's a fact of life, you'll always have to replace tarps and covers for boats stored outside... but it's better than the alternative of having the sun fry your boat upholstery and rain/snow water intrusion.
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Need ideas for boat cover

Post by nomowork »

There are some threads on here about boat covers. I copied one idea using pvc piping and T fittings. I use a white plastic tarp (12' x 16') on my 14 foot Gregor. It usually last about a year in the elements and keeps it dry. The tarp costs about $30 and is much cheaper than other boat covers that will eventually wear out anyway.

I do have a regular boat cover that I use when I go on extended fishing trips as it is much easier to put up and take down though.

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Need ideas for boat cover

Post by Zum »

I use the pvc frame and a cheap tarp but like you say only about a year and the tarps are gone.
I'm trying to get some of that house wrap(Tyvek) and give that a try.Around here,I have to buy the whole role but I don't want to do that so I'm still looking for someone to buy abit from.
Anyone using house wrap??

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