Reducing motor vibration effect on the boat

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Reducing motor vibration effect on the boat

Post by golfrnut » 12 Jul 2016, 21:05

20HP Tohatsu on a 1552 jon. As I have come to find out personally, and also see a decent number of posts on, they tend to produce a bit of vibration. Is it really bad, no, more of an annoyance than anything. Makes everything else rattle a bit throughout the boat though which makes it sound worse than it is.

Anyway, anyone have any remedies or purchased mounts that you can recommend to create a buffer between the motor/boat to alleviate some of it?

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Reducing motor vibration effect on the boat

Post by turbotodd » 12 Jul 2016, 22:01

Same problem that we encountered with a 20hp tohatsu on a 1448. Rattled everything. Never hurt anything, just rattled. I felt that it should have run a little smoother than it did, but I'm used to yamaha-which IMO is considerably smoother-and quieter.

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Reducing motor vibration effect on the boat

Post by lovedr79 » 13 Jul 2016, 09:57

my 20 horse merc (sams as the tohatsu) rattled everything. if it rattled i would put a piece of rubber behind whatever was rattling. i eventually got most of the rattles out.
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Reducing motor vibration effect on the boat

Post by RiverLife » 13 Jul 2016, 18:33

They make a rubber transom pad that should help out some.

Would also suggest to rubber mount anything that is vibrating.

I am still running a 15hp two stroke. It is nice and quiet and super smooth. My dads friend recently upgraded to a 4 stroke Honda and it rattles like crazy! The Honda does a better job trolling at low speed but it is heavy and vibrates a lot.
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