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Fish On Fabrications Shout Out

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Fish On Fabrications Shout Out

Post by bobby_bates »

I just got some work completed by Dawson at Fish On Fabrications. I have to say that the work was outstanding, and Dawson is a fantastic person to do business with. I am not affiliated with him nor his company, just want to give credit where it's due.
First off, Dawson is a little on the "young side", but do not let that fool you. He is intelligent, has excellent manners in person and on the phone, has has a superior work ethic (something not usually seen in the younger generation).
Second, his work is absolutely top notch. There is no cutting corners with him. You explain what you want done to your boat, and he'll do what is asked, or suggest a better solution. Either way, he'll leave the final decision to you.
Third, this was the first time (in a long while) that I left a shop extremely satisfied with the work completed. Any cuts in the aluminum were ground down or rounded so there were no sharp edges. the fit of the hatches is incredible. And the way he extended the casting deck makes it look from the factory.
So, the reason for this post; if anyone has used Fish On Fabrication for any custom work, give a shout out and show some "before/after" pics. I'll start with mine.
Before 2.jpg
Before 1.jpg
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Fish On Fabrications Shout Out

Post by Kismet »

Really slick! Custom work the way custom work is supposed to be.


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Fish On Fabrications Shout Out

Post by wmk0002 »

Looks great!

I also received a custom hatch from Dawson in the mail just last week and it is built excellent. I haven't had a chance to install it yet other than rough fitting it in to make sure all was well which it was. He did fast work and was very reasonably priced IMO. Highly recommend.

Check out the link to my build in my sig and I should have an update for this soon.
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