Launching boat sequence and muddy boat ramp

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Launching boat sequence and muddy boat ramp

Post by LDUBS » 27 Mar 2019, 00:28

I can see the beauty of the tongue extension. It gives the most flexibility for different situations. And if the ramp is really dicey, It could keep you out of trouble.
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Launching boat sequence and muddy boat ramp

Post by ppine » 27 Mar 2019, 11:33

We have droughts in California and Nevada and water levels go up and down a lot. Sometimes there are no docks and the tow vehicle rear wheels are in the mud at the end of the concrete ramps. No problems this year as everything is full. 4 wheel low is a bad idea if the traction is not very good. We have different classes of boat ramps. Some are really just flat spots on the beach. At low water it can be risky to try to use them. Some are out of the way places with no one around. Get stuck and you could be there for a couple of days. Another vehicles with a tow strap is the standard way to get out.

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