Essential Items For First Aid Kits

What do you carry?

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Essential Items For First Aid Kits

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Wyota wrote:
05 Sep 2019, 21:57
Nice kit. I've thought before about trying to get a Corpsman/Medic bag, but they always seemed quite bulky and more than I know how to use. I know general military first aid, and how to give an i.v., and that's about it.

Would like to get a basic emt course one day, just need to figure how to get Uncle Sammy to pay for it.

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I didn't have tampons in my 1st kit, will add when I get home. Good idea, and practical.

I have 3 of these kits, ... -5574.html . I keep one in the car. One in the house and rotate one between the boat and my hunting bag. When I weighed one, it was about 15 lbs with what I added to it. In the boat and car that doesn't mean much, but if you go on long hunt hikes, it is worth the weight if you need it.

I added US GI bandages, like the ones they issued for the first aid pouch. I also have some 5 mil plastic sheet about 2 x 2 ft, kept in a ziplock. I don't expect a sucking chest wound, but if needed, got it covered.

If you carry and gels, creams or meds in yours, check your expiration dates. Keep them updated. The alcohol and antiseptic packets like to dry up after awhile too.

Uncle Sammy paid for a lot of training, both in and out of service. My job now stresses first aid, so they pay for continuing education and recertification.
You took the Combat Lifesaver course? That was my starter, it it just blossomed from there.
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Essential Items For First Aid Kits

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Naw, didn't even get a chance for anything as formal as CLS. Always just last minute jammed in classes once gear was embarked and we were on final predeployment weeks. I may see if I can find a CLS still going on near me and sneak into it.

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