Is this possible or just crazy?

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Is this possible or just crazy?

Post by kooldecker »

Im setting up to do some night fishing, and im wondering if i could run a little po rtable generator off the back, plugged into an onboard charger,and use that to power everything throughout the night instead of just using batteries. Would this work or would it ruin my batteries or mabye charger too?im just curious. And sometimes my imagination gets carried away.

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Is this possible or just crazy?

Post by Riverdog »

You could look up how to rig up bow fishing lights, may give you some ideas.
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Is this possible or just crazy?

Post by Butthead »

I’ve watched bow fishing guys using them to run their lights at night. Was pretty crazy with the really loud generator and the whole bow full of lights. They were using halogens though, so the light output wasn’t as great as it could have been with some LEDs.

There was also an article in Bassmasters a few years back about pros running gennys while fishing to power their onboard chargers on the long tournament pre-fishing days.

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