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I'm debating on getting a ss prop over the aluminum prop I have now. The motor is a 20hp 2stroke mercury that has the standard 13 pitch prop on it now. The motor has great overall top end but I wanted to know if I switched to a 13 pitch ss prop will it get me out of the hole faster due to it's limited flex over the aluminum prop? I just want that little bit of extra torque I have been told the ss prop will give me but I want to hear from you guys and real world experience with them,switching them out. I want to know if I should stay at a 13 pitch or go bigger or smaller? I know this motor could spin a 14 without issue but will it benefit me any or just stay with a 13 or possibly go down to a 12. If anyone can chime in on this I would be much appreciated. As of now I get a unbelievable wot of 30+ mph with just me in the boat and near 29mph with 2 people plus all gear out of an aluminum prop and the torque could be a bit better out of the hole,that is my main concentration, to get better out of the hole torque while keeping or even gaining wot speed I'm getting now. If it's not going to benefit me any then I will buy the same prop just a new one and using the one on it now as a spare.

Any advantage on the quicksilver prop over a Solas prop? Any particular aluminum prop better for my 20hp,if I go ss I'm going with Solas since they make great props as far as I know,unless someone can lead me in a different direction for the best overall ss or aluminum prop,ty for any help.

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