Amazon Basics batteries

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Amazon Basics batteries

Post by Jim »

Anyone buy and use the Amazon basics brand AA and AAA batteries? If so how are they? Do you feel as though they last as long as Duracells and other premium brands?

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Amazon Basics batteries

Post by KMixson »

Here is a test of different battery brands.

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Amazon Basics batteries

Post by LDUBS »

I have not bought or used Amazon basics AA/AAA batteries. But I'll offer an opinion anyway :)

I use the name brand AA/AAA batts from Costco or SAM's. I'm also pretty happy with Kirkland brand (Costco). I think Costco does a pretty good job vetting things before they put their name on them. Unfortunately, unless I missed it, the test video didn't include Kirkland brand.

My perception is that the no-name batteries have a tendency to leak more than the name brand ones.

I have a bias against Amazon basics. Like what I see on the web site in general, I think they probably use the cheapest stuff they can get from SE Asia. Just a perception, not based on anything factual other than what is pushed on the web site.
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