9.9 Stall at idle

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9.9 Stall at idle

Post by Jmar » 02 Aug 2016, 20:28

So after fixing my o-ring issue on my steel OMC fuel tank the leak at the connector stopped and all was good for 2 weeks. Forward 2 weeks of the tank sitting in the garage (to busy to get out) and the 90 degree heat here in Michigan, I went to fire up the motor before planning on going out the next morning. I closed the cap on the tank and in 2 minutes it started to leak out from behind the new core plug. I cleaned it off and fired up the motor, seemed to run fine at higher rpm in neutral, but when I slowed it down to low speed idle it would stall out. So after a few stalls I thought she wasn't getting fuel at idle and went to squeeze the bulb and that's when fuel shot out from where I installed the new core plug. The bulb was also soft. I have ordered a new core plug and plan to check if the o-ring is still sitting right to fix the leak.

My main question is if I have a small air leak at the fuel connecter could that be the cause of the stalling at idle? Is it not creating enough suction to pull the fuel in at that low speed, but at higher rpms it seem to be fine. The bulb stayed hard at higher rpms.

I adjusted the rich/lean mixture and even reset the needle to 1 1/2 turns back from bottoming out. It didn't seem to affect anything.
Thank you

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9.9 Stall at idle

Post by Sinkingfast » 02 Aug 2016, 21:58

Yea, I worked over a metal tank for use on my 76' omc15.

I use a plastic tank with a modded cap. Enough said...

Oh..air leaks..any...is not good.
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9.9 Stall at idle

Post by Charger25 » 03 Aug 2016, 19:15

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