Primer On Old Outboards

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Primer On Old Outboards

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Hey how's that Johnson 6 horse treating you?

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Primer On Old Outboards

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For those of you wanting to refinish you motors, I highly recommend Moeller Marine Motor Spray Paint in the rattle can. The colors are true to the original and it goes on smooth as silk. It has a high volume of acetone and MEK so it dries very fast allowing you to re-coat almost immediately without fear of runs or sags. Last weekend I refinished my 1997 Johnson 25 hp. and was able to apply four coats of paint followed by four coats of clear lacquer topcoat in about two hours. This stuff is nothing short of amazing.

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Primer On Old Outboards

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Looks good, those are pretty bullet proof if you look after them.

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Primer On Old Outboards

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Thanks for the post. Good information.
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